Monster Truck Powerglide



This transmission is built to withstand monster truck racing and have a long service life.

  • Reid SFI case
  • 1.80 straight cut planetary
  • High pressure manual valve body
  • 10 clutch drum
  • 6 clutch reverse pack
  • Kevlar mega band
  • 4340 band adjustment screw
  • Billet aluminum dual ring servo
  • Billet aluminum servo cover
  • Ringless aerospace input shaft
  • Cast aluminum deep pan
  • Race prepped high flow front pump with Turbo 400 stator tube to accept ringless input shaft, machined for Torrington bearing
  • Universal shift arm
  • Billet aluminum shorty cover
  • Dyno Tested


  • 2 piece Reid case removable bell
  • Locking dipstick
  • Chrome transmission handle
  • Overflow catch can
  • Turbo 400 output shaft
  • Powder Coating available in any color
  • Billet yoke

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