Bracket Champions Powerglide




Affordable entry level race transmission good for applications up to 1200 HP.  Engineered specifically for the needs of bracket and pro tree racing.

  • Race prepped OEM case: bead blasted, clearance, deburred, and painted gloss black
  • 1.80 straight cut planetary with 2 year warranty
  • 300M input shaft
  • Pro Tree transbrake valve body
  • 8 friction high gear clutch pack
  • 6 friction reverse
  • Billet steel high gear clutch hub
  • Kevlar band
  • 4340 band adjustment screw
  • Billet aluminum dual ring servo
  • Cast aluminum deep pan
  • Race prepped high flow front pump with new 4340 staked stator tube, machined for Torrington bearing
  • Universal shift arm
  • Long has billet aluminum governor support
  • Short has billet aluminum cover
  • Dyno Tested
  • Available in Long, Medium, and Short


  • J.W. Ultra Bell
  • 1.98 low gear
  • 1.69 low gear
  • Locking dipstick
  • SFI shield
  • Overflow catch can
  • Billet yoke


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