Lock Up Street Assassin Converters


Lock Up Street Assassin Converters
Strongest 700R4, 4l60, 4L80E, 6L80E lockup converter available

  • Precision ground impeller hub
  • Chrome moly heat treated turbine hub
  • Anti-balloon plate
  • Furnace brazed and TIG welded pump and turbine
  • Billet steel cover
  • Billet oversized lockup clutch
  • Transbrake compatible
  • Computer balanced
  • Torrington bearings
  • Available with multi-plate lock-up clutch

1029G GM TH350-400 10″ SS 2500-2900 STALL 1033G GM TH350-400 10″ SS 2900-3300 STALL 1037G GM TH350-400 10″ SS 3300-3700 STALL 1041G GM TH350-400 10″ SS 3700-4100 STALL 1045G GM TH350-400 10″ SS 4100-4500 STALL 1049G GM TH350-400 10″ SS 4500-4900 STALL Also available in PG, 700R4, Ford and Chrysler

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